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Program Users' Comments
Comments made by pharmacy students who used the pharmacokinetic program as a supplement for their pharmacokinetic class

The second professional year pharmacy students (Washington State University, class of 2001) who used the pharmacokinetic modules as a supplement for their basic pharmacokinetic class were asked to give their comments about the modules:

Here are some of their Comments;
  • "The interactive graphics were an excellent teaching tool that cannot be reproduced in a textbook."

  • "This has been the most effective use of technology I have seen at the College of Pharmacy because 1. It worked and 2. It worked the way it was supposed to work"
When the students were asked about their educational experience if they did not have access to the computer based pharmacokinetics modules

Here are some of their Comments;
  • "It would have been hard to visualize how pharmacokinetic worked without help from the instructor"

  • "I do not think I would have learned the materials as well as I have"

  • "I would not have done very well in the course. Most of the information I learned was from the modules provided"

  • "Yes, because most of the time I taught the materials to myself at my own pace using the modules"

  • "Learning would be much more difficult"

  • "It would be harder"

  • "It would be a lot drier"

  • "It might slow down our learning process"

  • "It would not help me visualize things as well"